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A birth doula is a support person who is there solely for you (and your partner) offering a continuous presence before, during, and just after birth. Doulas offer physical, emotional, and informational support but do not give medical or clinical advice. She’s part of your team and is hired by you. Doulas have been shown to reduce the need for pain medicines, negative feelings about childbirth, cesarean and instrumental births. However, they are there to support your desires, whatever they may be; from unmedicated home birth to planned cesarean birth and everything in between.

What does support look like?



  • Hold your hand

  • Squeeze your hips (this is usually a favorite by mamas!)

  • Place cool cloths on your forehead

  • Use other comfort measures such as rebozo, breathing techniques, and positioning

  • Facilitate partner’s role in various positions

  • Give partners bathroom and food breaks

  • Support partner’s role at birth (i.e. does not take their place)


  • Get to know you and your birthing desires

  • Support your desires

  • Words of affirmation and encouragement

  • Assure you and partner if everything remains normal

  • Listen to your story


  • Discuss coping techniques

  • Give abbreviated childbirth education as needed

  • Suggest new positions

  • Remind you to eat and drink

  • Offer information (not advice) as requested on various childbirth choices (fetal monitoring, pain medications, etc)

  • Answer questions as they arise

  • Facilitates communication between care provider and client


Doula Services Package

  •   2 prenatal visits preparing for birth and getting to know you

  • Continuous presence when called upon in labor through the successful establishment of breastfeeding

  • 1 postpartum visit to process the birth and answer any questions

  • Phone and email support

  • Backup doula in case of emergency, illness, simultaneous births, or prolonged labors


Total fee: 1700


A monitrice or monitor is someone who offers limited clinical skills in labor. These skills usually include monitoring vital signs, fetal heart tones, labor patterns, and cervical assessments. Not only can a monitrice perform these skills but should also be able to interpret them. Is the labor pattern normal? Are vital signs showing danger? Is the baby handling labor well?

Good candidates for monitrice services are usually people planning a hospital birth but desire to labor at home as long as possible for a low-intervention birth. Because it’s easy to leave to the hospital too early, women with the following situations are best served by a monitrice: a mother having her first baby, someone planning a VBAC, or simply a person with a goal to get to the hospital at a specific point in labor.  The goal is for your care provider to manage your care. Once at the hospital (or other planned place of birth), the monitrice takes the role of a doula and no longer performs clinical skills.

Total fee: 1800

Monitrice Services Only

Total fee: 700

Monitrice + Doula Services Package

  • Includes the above doula service plus…

  • Prenatal visit includes establishing baseline vitals

  • Monitrice comes to client’s home once summoned in labor and stays through the successful establishment of breastfeeding

  • Monitoring of vital signs, fetal heart tones, labor patterns, and cervical exams while at home


Total fee: 2400

Doula and Monitrice Services