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"Kristen is an amazing midwife in so many ways. She is so down-to-earth and easy to get along with which helps put your mind at ease as you navigate pregnancy and what comes along with that. She’s thorough and takes her time with you during her visits making sure to address all of your questions and concerns. She’s really knowledgeable in her field and we never questioned her judgment. I really felt like she became part of our family and after my son was 6 weeks old and her visits stopped, I truly missed her. I recommend her to anyone who asks about a homebirth midwife hands down. Your search for incredible, hands-on and loving care stops here." Jessica N. 

"I chose to have a homebirth when I was about 30 weeks pregnant. Before that I had a good experience with appointments in the hospital setting. When I switched over to Kristen's care, however, it exceeded any appointments I had in the hospital. Kristen spends as much time as you need to get any of your questions and concerns answered. I am a first time mom and had SO many fears that she helped me through. My birth was so much what I hoped and prayed it would be. Kristen trusts the process of birth and has such a beautifully calm and confident demeanor about her. She is also extremely witty and fun to be around. I would recommend any low risk, pregnant women, to highly consider homebirths, especially with Kristen who is just awesome. I am so very thankful for her and the experience I had." Taylor C.


"Kristen is incredible at what she does and I am so appreciative of her attentiveness and care. I chose to switch to a home birth about 30 weeks into my pregnancy with my second child. My first child was born in a hospital and although I felt confident that I wanted a different experience the second time around, I had so many questions and concerns about the process. Kristen answered each and every one of my questions and made me feel confident in her ability to address any situation that may arise. When the time came to welcome my son, her demeanor and experience made me feel completely safe and cared for. The experience of giving birth is such an intimate process and I am so thankful that Kristen was the one to guide me through it. She was accessible, patient, and knowledgeable about every aspect of my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. I can not recommend her enough." Nadia B.


"Kristen at Tiny Love Midwifery has been my midwife now for both of my homebirths and I couldn't say enough amazing things about her. She's professional but also make you feel like family. Both of my deliveries werent the easiest but she is so well trained and quick to make decisions that I always feel safe and trust her. Kristen is someone who I can always rely on with any questions or concerns I have and she is always there to help and give a straight forward answer. I cant recommend using Tiny Love Midwifery enough if you want an amazing birth experience." Kiana M

"I have delivered two babies at home with tiny love. The prenatal, birth and postpartum care was phenomenal.
Prenatal care - personalized, hour long (or more) appointments. She actually cares about you as a person. Takes the time to get to know you and your family. Doesn't push her own views. Understands what YOU want and supports you. I never felt rushed or uncomfortable, as opposed to hospital appointments where you get 2 minutes tops. I called and sent texts anytime I had a question or needed help. I never felt like a bother. She truly cares about you, you are not just a number.
Birth- this is the gold here. Birth was Not rushed, I wasn't told to push against my will. Upon arriving at my house she checked me then faded into the background, just how I wanted it. She was there when I needed her and gave me space when I needed it. These were my 3 and 4th babies, I knew what I was doing and what I wanted. She didn't push anything on me. Supportive and unobtrusive all the way. We had some unforeseen complications and she handled it amazingly. I know if I had been in a hospital it would have been a traumatic experience. Instead, with tiny love I had an amazing, safe, loving, comfortable home birth. I am done having babies, but if I had another I would use tiny love again. I am sad I won't have any more appointments or births with her!
Postpartum- this is the gravy! ALL my postpartum visits were at home. I didn't have to pack up and lug my newborn and myself (and other kids) to any appointments! She came and saw me many times, way more than you get seen in a hospital. Not only is she competent in postpartum care for mama, but she also cares for baby for 6 weeks. I LOVED not having to leave my home, having a midwife who could answer all my questions about me, my body and my baby. Our newborn screen was done in our home while baby was nursing, both times (2 babies). MUCH better than my hospital baby. With my hospital baby I wasn't allowed to hold her during the newborn screen where they prick their heel and draw blood. She screamed the entire time. With my home birth babies, I nursed them through it. The heel prick happened, they cried then went back to nursing. Much better for mama and baby.
If you are on the fence, go with tiny love. I researched all the midwives in the area. I chose tiny love and am very happy I did. So happy with my experience that I had TWO babies with her!!!" Samantha B


"We are so thankful to Kristen for helping us bring our kid into this world safely. Long story short, she knew exactly what to do in a scary situation. We owe her everything. On top of being the most knowledgeable and supportive midwife, she is also so caring, compassionate and just an amazing person. We clicked right away and through our pregnancy and birth we laughed together, cried together and everything in between. We consider her our friend now and we wouldn't have wanted anyone else on our team through such an emotional and life changing journey. You'd be lucky to get Kristen as your midwife!!!" Jaq L

"Kristen was my midwife for my firstborn. We had a great connection throughout my pregnancy. I felt that she walked a great line of alternative medicine and western medicine. (Or hippy v. science as my husband likes to say) She was always quick to respond when I needed advice. If an at home remedy was called for she would offer it up but if things needed more acute attention she didn't hesitate to recommend I get checked out at the doctor (high blood pressure)
I had a loooong labor which wound up not progressing and I had to go to the hospital for delivery. She rode out the labor with us and was a wonderful presence to have around. When the decision was made to deliver at the hospital she made all the arrangements and would have come with (had Covid not been limiting things)
She checked on my baby in the weeks that followed and answered the multitude of questions that come with new parenthood. Being able to do the well baby checks from my living room was so nice! Kristen was absolutely wonderful and I recommend her as your midwife. If we decide to go for round two I won't hesitate to call her up!" Ruby D

"Kristen is an incredible, compassionate & supportive midwife. She takes the time to inform and thoroughly present you with all of your options throughout pregnancy and after birth. She fought hard to give me the birth that I wanted and supported me & allowed me to make my own decisions when my daughter was in an unexpected breech position at 39 weeks. She helped me fight for the birth I wanted, and even though I didn't get to have it in the end she stuck by my side. I know I would not have gotten through that change in plans quite as well without her support. Two years later she's still there for me when I need her. I highly recommend Kristen!" Jenny J

"Kristen was an amazing midwife through both of my pregnancies! She took time to build a relationship with me and my husband, which was important to both of us. Kristen's approach is evidence based and she spends a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of testing, screenings, and procedures so that you can feel confident making the choices that are best for your family. She and her student, Emily, had the perfect balance of hands off and making me feel well taken care of throughout my labor, birth, and postpartum. I loved that her care included home visits and baby care through 8 weeks so we didn't have to leave our home until we felt ready.  I definitely recommend them if you are having a low risk pregnancy and wanting to birth in the quiet and safety of your own home." Nikki P

"Kristen and her team were exactly what I needed. Her knowledge and experience put me at ease immediately and the safe space she created allowed me to ask anything. Pregnancy and birth are extremely vulnerable and Kristen has the ability to hold space in a beautiful way. Her sense of humor didn't hurt either." J.J. P

"From my first conversation/visit with Kristen, I knew I wanted her to be my midwife. I went from being terrified of giving birth to excited about the process. Kristen is patient, kind, funny and knowledgable. Our visits with her were reassuring and I always left feeling knowledgable about my pregnancy.
During my labor, Kristen was at my house for around 30 hours attending to all of my needs. When Lucy was born, she was so wonderful with her and made Andy (my husband) and I feel that we could ask her any question. And questions we asked! We texted pictures and videos of anything and everything that caused us worry. During one particularly scary health situation with Lucy in the days after her birth, Kristen remained calm but took every step to ensure Lucy's health.
I cannot recommend Kristen Downer enough to anyone seeking a midwife. Even our families fell in love with her and were reassured of the whole home birth process (and the grandparents were initially terrified of the prospect) after meeting with her." Sarah C.


"Kristen's care was extraordinary! She provided nearly a year of care to myself and my little one, being available for questions or concerns at all times. From day one, she takes time to get to know you and is very thorough in her exams and explanations. I never felt rushed at an appointment and her scheduling is very flexible. My birth experience was wonderful and I thank Kristen for helping to empower me through it. If you are looking for a midwife who knows her stuff, will be there every step of the way and will provide a bit of comic relief along that path then look no further." Emily W.


"Kristen was one of the midwives during the birth of my daughter, I couldn't have asked for a better person to share my experience with. As a first time mother coming from a "not-so-natural" background, I was a little nervous about the natural birth experience, but throughout my prenatal care as well as during labor, Kristen was there to gently encourage and empower me in my capabilities. She always made me feel safe and comfortable and she was wonderfully in tune with my needs without being overbearing. She gave assistance when it was needed and space during the other times - a perfect balance. I had a beautiful birth experience and Kristen was such an absolutely essential part of that." Lauren H.


“I can’t say enough about Kristen Downer. Not only is she an amazingly knowledgeable and caring midwife, she is also a wonderful person. I could not imagine having another baby if she was not there. I felt supported, cared for and most of all safe through my entire birth. When I was struggling with nursing issues after my son was born Kristen was there for us with support. She has gone above and beyond my wildest expectations of what a relationship with a midwife looks like. With her you are in very, very good hands.” Jen H.


"I had my first son in 2009 after a planned homebirth that turned into a hospital transfer after 30 hours of labor. I labored for another 23 hours in the hospital and pushed for 3 hours, but because my son was malpositioned, he was ultimately born by cesarean section. When I became pregnant with my second child, I decided to switch midwives, and Kristen was part of my new birth team. Even though I ended up with a cesarean when my first child was born, I knew that I wanted to attempt another homebirth for my second child. As I planned my homebirth after cesarean (HBAC), Kristen was extremely supportive and encouraging. During my prenatal visits, Kristen answered many of my questions, addressed numerous concerns, and she expressed deep confidence in my ability to have a successful HBAC. As I neared the end of my pregnancy, I felt very supported by my birth team and knew that I could count on them regardless of how my child was born. When I did finally go into labor, things progressed exceptionally fast. I woke up to my water breaking at 5:15am. My husband contacted my midwives almost immediately and by the time Kristen arrived, I was already fully dilated and pushing. My labor was extremely intense and painful, and Kristen was amazing as she helped me stay calm. At one point during pushing my baby’s heart rate was alarmingly low, so Kristen made the decision to call 911. As we waited for an ambulance to arrive, Kristen stayed calm and collected, all while helping me to move into positions that helped increase my baby’s heart rate. Finally, we found a good position, and my baby’s heart rate stabilized. At 6:39am, only 1 hour and 24 minutes after my water broke, my second son was born into Kristen’s capable hands, just a couple of minutes before the ambulance arrived. I was so grateful to have had Kristen as part of my birth team. She was so confident in me and she knew exactly what to do when we had unexpected complications. Kristen is a wonderful midwife, and I highly recommend her." Piper W.


"I went into labor on a Saturday. We had planned to have our first baby at home with a team of midwives. As labor began and progressed we called the midwives to let them know our status. Kristen was the first to arrive. Upon her arrival she was calm and collected. She offered encouraging words and helped to ease my mind as labor picked up. My labor progressed quickly and for majority of the time Kristen was the only midwife with me, I always felt confident with her in the lead. Throughout the process Kristen remained attentive and stayed by my side, she knew just the right amount attention to give me (as I wanted a calm, quite environment). When times got tough and intense, Kristen was there to relieve my worry. She helped keep me strong and get me through. Kristen’s professional, yet affectionate demeanor was the perfect combination to have as a midwife. Additionally, with the knowledge Kristen possesses, she was always able to answer my questions with confidence. I cannot speak highly enough of Kristen and the job she did to help bring my daughter into this world." Blair M.


"From the moment I met Kristen I felt at ease. Her warm sense of humor, her nurturing words, and her reassurance, made me feel that I could ask her any stupid question that arose. She is compassionate and confident in her approach to child birth. For baby #2 I will be seeking her out." Nikki W.


"My first labor was very long and intense and the support I got from Kristen was so helpful! Her positive words encouraged me to push through each contraction. She had this trick where she would push on my hips during a contraction to ease pain and I will never forget how much that helped me! I was so happy to hear that Kristen was going to be at my second birth! I felt a sense of relief knowing she would be in the room helping me. I would highly recommend her to any expectant mothers!" Kristin F.


"Words almost cannot express how grateful I am to have had Kristen be a part of my first birthing experience. I initially wanted an unassisted birth, which my husband did not totally feel comfortable with, so we both agreed on a home birth with a midwife. There were not a lot of options for home birthing on the coast so we headed to Portland and we are so glad we found Kristen! She was completely respectful of my wishes for such a birth and actually allowed me to birth unassisted with help when I needed it. It was truly an amazing intimate experience with me and my husband welcoming our first child in the world with the comforts of a midwife. She is very kind, makes one feel comfortable, and is great with prenatal and postnatal care. She went out of her way with the post follow up care for our little guy as she knew how difficult is it to travel with a newborn several hours down the road. She will always have a special place in my heart and if we have more children she will be the first one I call! The Coast now has a true gem in the birthing community." Danielle G.

"Kristen's wise counsel, professionalism, warmth, and humor were a major part of why we felt so at ease during the birth of our first child. Not only did she help us get well prepared leading up to it, but Kristen and the rest of our midwife team allowed my husband and I to have space we needed while still feeling supported throughout the birth. When Silas needed a break, he and Kristen laughed together as he ate dinner. Several times as I labored, Kristen's quiet presence, calm encouragement, or gentle corrections proved an important asset in my ability to focus on and move through the momentous task at hand. It wasn't easy, but it was a truly beautiful, spiritual experience, and I am ever grateful to her for being a part of it." Catherine O.

"Kristen is so knowledgeable, fun, calm, and passionate. She made us feel safe and supported during our pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. She helped us to safely navigate a challenging labor and birth with very successful outcomes. I highly recommend Kristen to anyone considering alternative care for their birth."Jennie W.

"Kristen Downer is a fantastic midwife. Her knowledge and skills as a midwife really helped to keep me at ease while I was pregnant. I loved her confidence when it comes to all things birth and newborn babies. As an added bonus, she gives the best hugs in Portland. You better believe I'll be ringing this lady up for our next birth." Rachel M.

"Words can't accurately describe how amazing Kristen Downer is but I will try. Kristen is kind and compassionate, incredibly informed, extremely personable, and hilarious! I looked forward to our 1 hour prenatal appointments and was disappointed when the hour was up. During my labor she was a calming and confident rock for me to look to when I felt overwhelmed or scared, but she never did it for me, she somehow helped me find my inner power so that I could do it myself (such an amazing gift). She guided my partner to catch our baby and helped him bond with the baby and to feel like a true part of the whole birth process. I felt like it was just him and I, even though she was right there supporting us the whole time. Kristen was with me and the baby for over six weeks, I had no idea that postpartum would be so hard and her wisdom and guidance made every phase a little easier. I couldn't imagine going through such a huge deal again without Kristen. She made the whole year from first pregnancy test to my baby smiling, an amazing and empowering adventure. Anyone would be lucky to have her!" Jill S.

"Amazing midwife! Her attitude and energy puts you at ease and her knowledge and encouragement keeps ya goin. She's awesome!" Rachel S.

"Simply said, Kristen is amazing. We could have never had the beautiful and life-changing natural labor experience without her. She is not only calm and comforting to a family in labor, but also knowledgeable and experienced. Having her by my side made me feel so confident and empowered. I knew we would have the birth experience we wanted as long as she was on our team. I wish every woman I knew had the ability to birth with Kristen. She will forever be my "sister" and our family will always cherish the time we had with her. If you are looking for an awe-inspiring experience with someone who is capable, knowledgable, and has a fantastic bedside approach to boot, Kristen is your woman. She is extraordinary and we adore her!" Karen P.

"Throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum Kristen was knowledgable and reassuring. Plus she's the kind of cool lady I would totally hang out with even if she wasn't my midwife. I'm so glad she was there for the birth of my baby boy!" Laura W.

"Do not give birth without Kristen! I literally could not have had my VBAC without her. Super knowledgeable, professional, and personal attention. She is a gift to the natural birth community!" Sandy C.

"Kristen is such an amazing person as well as midwife! Throughout my entire pregnancy I had many concerns and new mommy worries. Kristen always knew exactly what to say to put my mind at ease. She is sweet, calm, understanding, knowledgeable, and a beautiful woman. I loved that I was able to talk to her about everything and to experience my first home birth with her. She is not only my midwife but has become a friend. Kristen will always be in our lives and we couldn't be happier!" Tabatha L.

"Kristen made my pregnancy and labor more calm than it otherwise would've been. She was friendly and accessible, letting me know that I could contact her anytime I had concerns. She was great at answering all our questions. When I ran into complications during labor and had to go with a backup plan Kristen turned into my advocate and cheerleader who didn't leave my side. Even postpartum she made me feel like she was never too busy for me if I needed to talk, checked in with me regularly and referred me to great resources. I can't imagine having gone through the whole experience without her." Sarah P.

"I met Kristen last summer to network and talk about providing comprehensive midwifery care for women and families on the North Oregon Coast. From the moment I met her, I knew that not only did I want to build a professional relationship with her but I also wished for her to be my midwife! Luckily, within a few weeks of this meeting, my partner (Gordon) and I celebrated when we learned of our pregnancy. Immediately I told him, "we are having a home birth and our midwife will be Kristen Downer!" Gordon was a little nervous at first with the thought of a home birth, but upon meeting Kristen felt confident both she and home birth were the best options for our growing family.

Kristen offered sound, research-based details about risks, benefits and best practice to ensure wonderful outcomes. She always provided us with a detailed education about each procedure, infant care, testing and encouraged us to become informed consumers. Kristen demonstrated exceptional knowledge and skill throughout our pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She calmed our worries and supported our decisions. She provides family-centered care!

Aside from Kristen's competency as a midwife, she is an extraordinary human being! She creates beauty and brings life to each individual and family she touches. I value her as a professional, a fellow woman and a mother!

Thank you Kristen for everything you have offered our family over the past 10 months! I strongly recommend you to ANY woman, friend, family member or stranger seeking professional, humanistic, family centered midwifery care!" Lauren M.

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