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Tiny Love Doula Training & Certification

If you feel inspired to support women and their families through the transformative and transitional process of pregnancy, birth, and beyond, then I invite you to take the Tiny Love Labor Doula Certification Program.

Statistically, we know that having a doula at your birth makes better outcomes for moms AND babies. Tiny Love believes that everyone deserves the best possible outcome, which means that everyone needs a doula. 


Doula hopefuls often discover several barriers to becoming a professional, working Doula.  First, naturally, is developing a unique set of skills required to effectively support mothers, babies, and families, through the incredibly powerful experience of pregnancy, childbirth, and newborn care.  Secondly, doulas quite often have difficulty finding clients.  How do you market such a personal business?  How do you develop the right network of birth professionals?  The third common difficulty is setting up and operating a business.  Of course, the work of being a doula is quite intimate and personality-driven; the successful practice must function as a business.  How much do you charge?  How far should your "sliding-scale" slide?  How do you turn interviews into clients?  


Tiny Love Labor Doula Certification will teach you all the necessary skills and provide the information for you to truly give women and their families the support and care they require. After you have completed all aspects of the program you will not only be able to provide a professional level of care, you will also be able to have a clear business plan and the tools to get your first clients. You will be a Certified Doula!  


How is Tiny Love Doula Certification different?  It's ALL on-line and designed to work at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home, from anywhere in the world. It's comprehensive, active, and fun! Together with one of the top Doula Trainers in the country, Jessica Atkins CPM, LDM, we created this awesome program. Hurry up and enroll, the world needs new doulas now!



To access Tiny Love Labor Doula Certification Program, please go to www.tinylovedoulas.com